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Supplemental Information

Hey guys!

Lisa here. This is my first time on the WordPress blog contraption, so please be gentle. I apologize if I accidentally change the color scheme to bright fuschia or something.

After our interview, Evelyn Lafont was kind enough to pass along some additional information on self-publishing:

“I didn’t have my computer on when we spoke, so I didn’t have numbers but I wanted to share these digits with your listeners so they kind of get a reality check about self-pubbing (or e-pubbing) or my inability to market well. From March 31 2011 – February 28 2012 I sold a total of 2603 books for royalties of $4,046.50 (some Apple sales (maybe 200) are missing since Smashwords is slow to report those). I’ve spent over $2,000 on various costs for producing the books, not including my hours spent writing them–hours that could be spent writing for paying clients (does that make me sound like a hooker?).

There are so many variables–maybe I didn’t market the way I should have, maybe novels would have sold better, maybe…who knows–and who cares? It is what it is and I still love it. Knowing what I know now, I would still do it. That’s what really counts.”

Thanks, Evelyn, for the details and for your insights into the biz. Do people still say biz? Well, whatever. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and we hope you didn’t hate it either.

p.s. What interview, you ask? WHY THIS INTERVIEW RIGHT HERE. Listen! Subscribe! Comment! Please?


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