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First of all, we’re sorry. Our various pets made a bunch of unexpected cameos. Otherwise! We tried new segments, had some structure… and then sort of lost it. We’ll get better. Topics include: holistic hippie stuff, 1984, tattoos, our reading interests, food forests, Josh’s mini-strokes, new music and a lot more. ENJOY!

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We’re Back! Back In The Podcast Groooove!

You can hear us waxin’ philosophic about lots of stuff, including the introduction of our new co-host John Greenwald RIGHT HERE! Here are some relevant links from today’s episode:

- Cruz Castillo from Santa Barbara
- Alexander Skarsgard
- Cody from Baywatch


Hope you enjoyed it. Leave us some iTunes feedback and thank you for staying on board — we’re sorry it took so long. We love our bookworms!

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Stay Tuned!

Season’s Greetings, bookworms! Just letting you know that the podcast is on holiday break and we’ll be back after the first of the year.

Enjoy your respective holiday, or don’t if you’re godless heathens like us, and enjoy the time off you get from the religious pushing their agendas!

See you next year!

CONTEST! And Pie Eating.

We had a plan for today’s episode, with a guest and everything, but it fell apart at the last minute and we ended up talking to eachother. A lot. Drew came up with a poorly formed contest idea, Jessica shared a few good books she’s read lately and a weird dream and the whole thing got kind of odd… but fun! Thanks for sticking with us, bookworms. We love you!

Also, DREW IS ON TWITTER! Go follow him. And the rest of us!

Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

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Spooky Stories pt. 1!

Part one of a Halloween podcast series! Jessica, Josh and Drew sat down to discuss spooky ghost stories. We read a few submitted by bookworms, told a bunch of our own (mostly second hand) and traveled a surprisingly small (but entertaining) amount of tangents. Happy Halloween! Almost.


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